Resolution Test Masks

Benchmark Technologies Resolution Test Reticles contain unique submicron resolution and process control test patterns designed for use with, ASML, Nikon, Canon scanners and other legacy lithography systems. The basic resolution cell shown here can be customized and scaled to the size range of interest to the user.


  • Measurement of resolution limits
  • Evaluation of astigmatism, coma and directional orientation
  • Determining best focus
  • Determining 1:1 exposure bias


  • Long Lines (cleavable)
  • Contact Strings
  • Focus Star
  • Isolated Focus Needles
  • Step Coverage Matrix
  • Other Process and stepper evaluation patterns
  • Photo cleave capability included in both X and Y
  • Short lines from 1.0 μm to 5.0 μm allow for measurements of linearity and adhesion
  • Linewidth sizes, pitches and intervals can be customized for user needs